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What 4×4 Pick up Should you Buy ?

The pick-up war is getting fiercer. The recently released all-new Mitsubishi L200 and eagerly-awaited new Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux promise to bring ever-greater levels of performance and refinement to these pretentious working trucks as, particularly in double cab form, The humble working five-seater pick-up continues to reinvent itself as an alternative to a mainstream SUV, with plush new models meaning prices rising in line with their luxurious trimmings – but what about the second-hand versions, is now the time to buy?

 TARGET RANGE: £18,000, a three-year old well maintained Hilux or L200 will be more refined, economical and practical, and will probably hold their value better after two or three years of use. Our own choice as a great all-round practical, comfortable easy-driving car would be a new Ranger Wildtrak