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Double charge for Road Tax Say No….

Everyone is paying road tax duty twice when they change there car sign the online petition today to make a difference,  On the 07 February I purchased a car in a private sale. I must tax the car from the 01 February. However there is road tax in force for that car until the 28 February. The previous owner of the car can not claim a refund on the unused portion of the tax as it is mid-way through a month and the D.V.L.A only refund a full month. Therefore, the D.V.L.A. are receiving tax twice for the month of February for that vehicle, around £25.00.

If you multiply this by the number of vehicles purchased throughout the country, throughout a month, and with car tax being up to £800 a year for many larger, prestige vehicles, this may easily run in to tens of thousands of pounds being paid twice. Every month. It is only the vehicle that needs to be taxed, not the keeper. Therefore any reasonable person would consider it right and fair that they as a new keeper would automatically buy road tax from the date of expiry of the current one in force. No laws would be broken and no one would be out of pocket.

This current scheme is only a sneaky scheme to make extra money.